Deluxe Barbecue Package

Regular price IDR 1.512.500


Bali, Payangan & Central Java Highlands


- Pastured, grass fed, chemical and hormone free Bali beef.

- The only proper free-range, organically fed, pastured, happy chicken on Bali island.

- These organic, chemical-free Balinese black heritage pigs taste how pork should taste.

- Free range, organically fed cross breed roaming free in the Highlands of Central Java.


8 x 80gr marinated lamb cutlets

4 x 90gr beef minute steaks

4 x 90gr marinated chicken breast

4 x 80gr marinated pork loin steaks

4 x 80gr herbed prawn sausages

4 x 80gr chorizo pork sausages

100gr x bresaola

100gr x raw ham

100gr x salami

1 x large jar BBQ sauce

1 x large jar coleslaw

1 x large rosemary & sea salt sourdough

Other Details

Vacuum packed

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